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PMAG Backorders FAQ

We get a lot of questions about backordering PMAGs.  This FAQ should answer any questions you may have.

Latest Updates:

1/29/14:  We received a pretty large shipment of 20rd M3 308 PMAGs and have gone directly to filling backorders.

2/27/14:  We received a another large shipment of 20rd M3 308 PMAGs and have gone directly to filling backorders.

3/10/14:  We received a a small shipment of 20rd M3 308 PMAGs and have gone directly to filling backorders.


Yes, we still are getting regular shipments in.

Yes, we still have a lot of backorders pending.

Yes, you will receive your backorder from us when the magazines arrive.


When will my order ship?

If your order status is "Awaiting Fulfillment" your order has been received and your credit card has been charged.

If your order status is "Pending" your order has already been processed and is on backorder.  Any edits to your order will push you to the end of the queue.

Orders containing PMAGs will ship in the order it was received.  Please do not ask us when yours will ship as we do not know.  The bulk of the PMAG orders were received between Dec 14th and Dec 21st.  We have received numerous shipments and have ALL been allocated to filling backorders.  We do not pull inventory and sell them for more profit on sites such as GunBroker etc.

Please do not email us asking what the status of your order is as they will not be responded to.  If you placed a backorder with us and have not received it yet, you will once they arrive.  If you checked out as a guest, you will be notified via email of any status changes.  Creating an account AFTER you have placed an order will not merge your prior order into this account.

Selecting 2 Day Air shipping will not usher your order to the front of the queue.  They will ship in the order they were received.


Are you receiving regular shipments of PMAGs?

Yes.  We have received and shipped out over 15,000 PMAGs since Jan 2013.


Your website did not show the PMAGs as being a backorder when I placed my order.

ALL PMAGs have been on backorder since Dec 16th.  It was/is CLEARLY posted as such in the product description, front page and FAQ.  It is visible in the desktop and mobile versions of the website.  This is also posted on the product when checking out.


Will I be charged now or when my order ships?

Your credit card will be charged when the order is placed, NOT when it ships.


Can I cancel my pre/backorder?

Yes you can cancel your order, but will incur a 10% cancellation fee.

Cancelling an order can only be done through the Contact Us email form.  Make sure to include your name and order number so we can identify the order fast.

Rude and demanding emals will not be responded to and your order will be cancelled minus the 10% cancellation fee.

Backorders older than 6 months will be refunded via check, NOT back to the credit card used.


If I order in-stock items with the backordered PMAGs, will they ship ahead and then the PMAGs later?

No.  Your entire order will ship together.  If you want to order in-stock items and have them shipped ahead, place a second order with those only.


What will happen to my backorder if they pass legislation and hi-cap magazines get banned?

If the worst should happen, you will be refunded your full amount minus 5%.